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Kinderman & Kindertwin: Program Descriptions

Kindercise in Action: A Moving and Chanting Approach to Learning

Kindercise will make you wise, only if you realize, you can be what you see, imagination is the key!

School Assembly Program Fees: 450.00 single show, 550.00 back to back. Contact us for public performing fees, and special events.

Residency sessions available specializing in Early Childcare Curriculum and Development.

$60.00 per classroom session plus teacher's orientation meeting and evaluations sessions. 650.00 for opening and closing performances. Funding is available through matching Maryland State Arts Council AIE grant funds. Applications must be filed once a year for grants in the following year.

Program Description:

Kindercise is a highly interactive program which engages the audience by using original chants, and story songs, in call and response. 

  • The Kindercise show for the general public features original songs and chants that help the audience warm up, get acquainted and dance, dance, dance.

  • Educational based Kindercise assemblies present a varied combination of movements, rhythms and chants. Participants learn a number of concepts including sign language, community building, and also participate in color recognition games, and other movement for memory exercises which help reinforce literacy building skills. New in the past year is the inclusion of the Pop-Up story segments of the program which of course are presented with great drama, and audience interaction. Attendees at concert and assembly venues also get a chance to show off their performance and memory skills up front with Kinderman for the entire audience. Grown-ups get a kick out of Kindercise too, and can often be seen singing along. Kindercise is appropriate for pk-3rd grade students and families and is a real attention holder.

Other shows which follow the Kindercise format are as follows: 

  • Get Loose With Mother Goose -  a really fun revue featuring popular and obscure Mother Goose nursery rhymes, along with a few originally story songs by the Kinderman. There are great visuals that accompany these stories, and of course as is the basis for all Kindercise shows, there is call and response, rhythm movement and chanting. K-3rd grade.                                                                                                                             
  • The Black Hall of Fame Show -  is an interactive program which gives participants "seed" or basic information about contemporary and historic figures in the African American culture, who have made important contributions to American History and Culture. This program is conducted in a game type format, where the audience has to match the picture of the person, to the facts about them.  A few of those pictures can be seen in the photo section of this website. This program is appropriate for 1st to 5th grade students and also for the general public. Teachers can follow up this assembly program by having students choose one of the figures or heroes, such as Mathew Henson and create a diorama, or other type research project which would, for example provide more information about Marylander Matthew Henson's trip to the North Pole with Peary in 1909.

  • God in Kindercise - a Christian education program with more rhythms, movements, chants using an original interpretation of the Creation story from the Bible. This program teaches children the difference between right, wrong, good, bad and the consequences of bad actions and the rewards of good ones. Audiences are engaged in this moving and highly interactive show through call and response way, dramatic expression and beautiful visuals.                                                                                                                                   
  • Peace in the Hood - more rhythms movements and chants with a focus on creating peace in the home,   school, community and the World. This isn’t a lecture about conflict resolution though. This highly interactive heartfelt show contains all original songs written by the Kinderman, which are geared towards creating a safe world for all children, and done in the interactive call and response style that Kinderman is known for.

  • Dancing with Kinderman  - Kinderman has been known as the "Pied Piper" of dance for the past 45 years. Audiences participate in Kinderman's version of the electric slide for little ones, and the macarena, and are introduced to other movement/dances like such as "The Kinderman's Circle Dance" which is geared towards the young and young at heart. This is a fabulous workout for parents and kids alike.                                                                                                                                                                                                       
  • Keynote & In-Service Training Sessions featuring Kindercise In Action: A Moving and Chanting Approach to Learning are an important addition to curriculum building for Teachers and Early Childcare Professionals. Trainings range from 90 minutes to 3 hours, and count towards ECLC certification requirements.

  • Family workshops and Headstart residency programs are also offered through the Wolftrap Institute for Early Learning Through the Arts. Please use the enclosed link to visit their site for more information.

Contact Us Here at for Booking Information 

Brand New Black Hall Of Fame Program! - November 27, 2012

We have a brand new Black Hall of Fame Program - featuring contemporary African Americans who are shaping history and culture in the United States and Beyond. The range includes individuals from political, judicial, civil rights, sports, music and entertainment. The same principle of providing seed information about each individual will provide a great interactive learning experience form students from grades 3-5. Book your program early for 2013, as the calendar is filling fast.

Kinderman Presents S.I.P.P.Y - Spiritual Instruction for Parents and Providers of Youngsters - December 2, 2010

Children hunger for adults to interact with them. TV and Toys should not be the only thing used to stimulate your children, or give them a sense of security.  Research has proven that interactive play with children is a successful way to increase self-confidence, feelings of belonging, not only in the family unit, but also in the community at large.  Interactive play also stimulates the brain, so that teachers and children are able to increase imagination and problem solve.

The Kindercise in Action program: S.I.P.P.Y  is a Christian education program using rhythms, movements and chants to teach Bible stories, and reinforce Christian values. No other book has changed so many lives so remarkably as the Bible. Even little children can understand great truths when taught in simple words, and when pictures are added, indelible impressions are made that can last forever. In these trying times we can no longer neglect the Spiritual growth of a child and just build the body and the mind.  

God’s Word can be a source of light to childhood’s earliest pathways if carefully presented. S.I.P.P.Y makes understanding the teaching in the Bible fun exciting and relevant is most important for our children’s complete well being.

Workshop participants will learn activities  which can be adapted for all age groups. These activities  encourage  positive values and morals for students who may be dealing with issues of peer pressure, and those who have witnessed despair and violence in their communities. 

Call today to find out how you can schedule a S.I.P.P.Y program for your school or church group!

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