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The Hall of Fame Storytelling Kit - Teaching Kit

This is a lively educational program that offers seed information for individual learners, home schools and elementary educators to start their research into the study of important African American figures who have made major contributions to building American culture.





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Kindercise with Kinderman's Friends - CD Downloads

Kinderman sings his favorite songs, accompanied by the Kinderkids choir, and Val Smalkin of the Kindersingers. Now available for downloading to your classroom music player.

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Friends With the Kinderman - Download - CD

Get Loose With Mother Goose - CD Downloads

Now available on songs for teaching Get Loose With Mother Goose Story Songs, and Get Loose With Mother Goose nursery rhymes, featuring Kinderman, and Kinderfriend Jessie Frazier. This is an upbeat collection - with a bit of a r&b/gospel flavor.

Songs For Teaching

Songs for Teaching is the Go To site for the best in educational music by Independent Artists.

Kindercise with the Kinderman Companion Workbook - Workbook

Kindercise activities, illustrated for classroom reproduction, include Kinderman's alphabet, colors, colors everywhere, and lyrics and activities for learning Kindercise

Download this Workbook at Songs For Teaching

Peace in the Hood - CD Downloads

This collection features Kinderman and Kindersinger Val Smalkin in a beautiful collection of uplifting and inspiring songs to encourage and embrace Peace in the home, school, community and world.

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Songs for Teaching is the go to site for the best in  Educational Music, for Independent artists.

Say NO! To Drugs - CD Download

Say No! to Drugs is a must have CD for anti-drug awareness campaigns. A perfect companion to Peace in the Hood, this CD is a great way to have students, and children in general start the conversation about how to stay away from illegal and prescription drugs, alcohol and tobacco.

Songs For Teaching

The Black Hall of Fame - CD

The Black Hall of Fame Game was created by Kinderman over ten years ago to teach "seed" information to students about African Americans Who have impacted History and culture. This is a wonderful addition to a Black History curriculum as students are introduced to popular heroes in African American Culture alongside individuals who are often over looked. Teachers can create lessons and research projects based on this introduction to The Black Hall of Fame. The CD has a great beat, and is the perfect companion to teaching about individuals in the Black Hall of Fame. Items can be purchased individually or as a kit. Contact Kinderman at 410/730-7419 or email to request an order form. Check out the Photo Gallery to see if you can name the faces of the members of the Black Hall of Fame.

Now Available at CD Baby

God In Kindercise - CD

Hello Everybody It's God In Kindercise It's time to come together and all realize that the battle was won by God's own son In Christ Jesus we are one. Hello everybody It's a blessing to be here God is still in charge So we have no fear He's made a promise to us God's word we can trust Believe in Christ Jesus Until we're dust. 10 songs and chants to bring the light and love of God into your Classroom and home. There is a companion workbook with songs and pictures, which is a great companion. Order both for $15.00- credit card orders accepted. Call 410/730-7419 or email to place an order.

The Kinderman Show - DVD

Episodes from the WBAL Channel 2 Kinderman Show now available. 20.00 per episode. Contact or 410/730-7419 to request an order form.

Kindercise with Kinderman - Download

Kindercise Activities, "Colors, Colors", Kinderman's Alphabets, and the World famous, Friends, Friends, One, Two, Three, song which has been sung from the beaches of Indonesia, to the halls of the Capital in Washington D.C.

Download this at Songs For Teaching