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Kinderman & Kindertwin: Photos

Thank You card from the Kindergarten class Freedom Elem. School  Novemeber 2007
Three Time Emmy Award Winner for Host Interviewer of the "It's Kindertime" Television show, on Saturday Mornings WMAR Channel 2.
Artscape 1 1999: Photo By: L.Joy Burke
Kinderman's getting a Kick out of Kindercise!

Festival Photos

Artscape 2
I feel Happy! Photos in this series by L.Joy Burke
When I say Red, put your hand on your head!
1 is a solo.
it's so nice to be here...
Sing with me...
Whole body, whole body...
Right and left and up and down...
All my friends are here with me...
It's For the Children Festival
It's For The Children Day Festival!
Celebrating Columbia 2007

Lights Camera Action

Quiet on the Set: Photo by L.Joy Burke
Lights - Camera - Action, photos by L.Joy Burke
Kinderman in Kinderland: Photo by L.Joy Burke
There was an old woman who lived in a shoe...Photo By L.Joy Burke
She had so many children she didn't know what to do! Photo By: L. Joy Burke
Puppets can be so demanding!
Puppets need lots of friends!
"Who is gonna help me bake the bread?"
What will you give me to help you Kinderman?
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