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Kinderman & Kindertwin: News

John Taylor, dancer and songwriter who entertained scores of children as Kinderman, dies at 82 - September 6, 2018

A Tribute to John Kinderman Taylor - August 22, 2018



I remember John Taylor and I would always see each other at center court in the Columbia Mall - 40 years ago, back when Columbia was still a small town and everyone was a familiar face - who would eventually become friends. He would be grabbing his cup of coffee and people watching and I would be on the move. He used to say I was like a hummingbird - always changing hats always going....

As many people have noted John has been for most of his time on the planet, a force of nature - ready and willing to use his artistic talents to help bring out the best in every person that he touched - from Oprah to former Maryland State Governor Glendening to all the young people and older people who were able to smile, think clearer, and engage in life with a positive outlook after getting Kindercised. His motto - "It's for the children."

As the Kinderman - he was bursting with ideas and didn't waste time on worrying about what could go wrong. I never saw John let minor set - backs stop him. He was like most dancers I've met consumed with an irrepressible energy. He believed that effort and ingenuity would make things go right and he was a model for many of us to be original, brave and most of all to "Sell It." If we didn't believe - how were we going to get others to believe.

I had the honor of documenting parts of his life as the Kinderman through photos - which was always fun - because John was dramatic and playful. Sadly I don't think there are any photos of us together though. John helped countless individuals both strangers and friends. He was a major influence for ECLC and elementary educators across the country. Every time I mention the Kinderman - someone will relay a story of how he touched them - even teachers from the first schools where he taught. He also impacted multiple generations of students in the DMV - as a regular Artist-In-Education guest. His song "Friends" was sung on the floor of the United States Senate over 20 years ago. That's a tremendous legacy. John is now Kindercising in a realm we cannot see. We will miss his joy filled spirit tremendously - however I know that many of us who have been touched by him, will continue to pay it forward.

Kinderman's Memorial service is planned for September 20th 10:00am, at Columbia Baptist Fellowship - at the Interfaith Center in the Village of Oakland Mills at 5885 Robert Oliver Place Columbia, MD 21045.


Linda Joy Burke July 2018

Kinderman on Web 2.0 - November 5, 2009

You can now follow Kinderman on Twitter , or friend him on Facebook.

He's got several new projects going on right now too, including the "Only Way" T-Shirt project - which coincides with the God in Kindercise Program. He's got a new show/workshop called Energize with Kindercise which features some great songs and movements to help keep students and teachers active. The new product brochure is now available, listing charts, workbooks and CDs, and if you prefer to get your music and lyrics via downloads you can now get song bundles and lyrics from Songs For Teaching.


New School Year! - August 31, 2009

 I hope that you are having a great start to the new year. I'm working on my calendar for the school year, and I wanted to remind you that if you want to schedule programing to book early to get your sought after date. I also wanted to tell you that you are now able to download Kindercise Music at, complete with lyrics in PDF format. This is a wonderful opportunity for classrooms to have access easier access to Kindercise materials. Now available as downloads are Kindercise with Kinderman's Friends, Get Loose With Mother Goose Story Bundle, and Get Loose with Mother Goose nursery rhymes. Mp3 downloads of Say No! to Drugs, and Peace in the Hood are also available. The Lyrics to those two CD's will also be available. If you don't know about the Website - it is the destination site educational song media. That have a great selection for many subject areas and have excellent service.

Also, if you are an early childcare professional in Washington D.C. don't forget to plan your schedule to include attending the NAEYC conference in November. This is a wonderful opportunity to attend a vast array of professional workshops and see the new materials available to educators. I will be presenting a workshop, exhibiting, and hosting an evening dance event with my friend and  and fellow Wolftrap artist Slim Harrison. For registration information visit

Applause, Applause - July 15, 2009

Dear P & P,

Thank you for the opportunity to have the Institute represented by John "Kinderman" Taylor in this upfront collaboration. While some may not be aware of the interconnected experiences that Education and P & P share (even through the master classes), it is the meaningful experiences like last night that allow us to recognize the lifelong value and impact of arts education. We are
forwarding your applause to Kinderman so that he may add this to his treasure
trove of documented moments where his work as a master Teaching Artist and
Performer has had a lasting effect throughout someone's life. Thank you again.


Dear Education,

We had a two pillar day today. Of course we had a master class followed by a
performance, but little did we know......

We had a bit of "audience" participation with the Merce Cunningham Dance Company
tonight. John "Kinderman" Taylor was kind enough to represent the Institute in
the participation that started the show. A show that was so good, one of our
stage door staff, a 19 year old young man, looked at me and said, "That made me
want to be a dancer." A show that couldn't have possibly have been made any
better except for this one interaction.

As Kinderman stood in his place for the top of the show, one of the Merce
Cunningham Dance Company dancers, Daniel, approached John Taylor and said, "You
visited my school when I was growing up."


I know the applause is often heard more loudly on the Filene Center side of the
toll road, but please know that moment reminded me of why we all do what we do.

I know there are no sound effects to this, but please consider this my standing
ovation to you,

Barbara Parker
Director, Operations & Artistic Initiatives
Program and Production
Wolf Trap Foundation for the Performing Arts

Wake Up! Wake Up! - September 20, 2006

Hello every body, it's a brand new school year,
and the new season of The Kinderman Show, is going to bring you some cheer,
You're going to have a good time,
You're going to be happy,
cause all you have to do
is watch the show with me.

Yes, finally the new season of The Kinderman show is hitting the airways, with Diva Geniva, Pamela Pigeula, The Kinderkids who're learning a few new things, Oscar, John Carrington the Magician and of course The Kinderman. TA DA!

Tune in Saturday September 23rd 6:30am on Channel 2. See ya' soon.

The Kinderman Show is co-produced by Kenn Rucker & John Taylor.

Kindercise In Action for Back to School - August 16, 2006

"Hello everybody, it's so nice to be here, I'm the Kinderman, and I bring you good cheer, we're going to have a good time, we're going to feel happy, and all you have to do, is learn with me."

Yes, Boys and Girls, Teachers and Principals,
it is that time of year where everyone has got to think about gaining more knowledge.
Kindercise in Action is a great foundation for enhancing your learning experience.

We're doing a special promotion right now, for folks who book before labor day, you will get a 25.00 discount on single and back to back shows.

The Kindercise In Action Programs Include:
- Kindercise!
- Get Loose with Mother Goose!
The Black Hall of Fame
- Say No! To Drugs
- Peace In the Hood
- The John Taylor Dance Experience - a residency and assembly program featuring ballroom dance for the 5th to 12th grade student.
- God In Kindercise - a wonderful program for religious schools.

Contact us now for the special discount before the schedule fills up. In the mean time enjoy these few remaining days of summer.

Love! The Kinderman

Still Kicking - June 27, 2006

John Taylor the Kinderman is still kicking up his heals with Ballroom dance and the John Taylor Dance Experience, for the young and young at heart. He's also got a few remaining dates left in the 2006 season for birthday parties and family renuions. Celebrate the times in your life that you want to remember as a great time where everyone is part of the show with this fun and empowering entertainer.

Welcome to all the Kinderkids - June 25, 2006

Dear friends and fans,

As you may have noticed a new Kinderman site is up and running. We're very excited at being able to keep you posted on the happenings in and around Kinderland. Keep checking back as we will be adding music, more photos, calendar dates, and general fun stuff to keep you coming back to see what the Kinderman has been up to.

In the mean time remember,
"Kindercise will make you Wise,
Only if you realize,
You can be what you see
Imagination is the key!

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