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Kinderman & Kindertwin: Links

Profile Reverb Nation

Kinderman's Video Links

Kinderman John Taylor

A Few Clips featuring the Best of the Kinderman Show.

Kinderman John Taylor

Colors video - features English and Spanish spellings of the color palate.


Kinderman's Youtube Channel.

Kinderman John Taylor

Animals at the Zoo - original  graphics, music and rhymes are featured in this power point video.

The Children's Corner Show Episode with the Kinderman
YOU Tube - Kinderman 1

Kindercise in Action with students and teachers.

YOU Tube - Kinderman 2

Kindercise for Head Start.

Professional Affiliations

Maryland State Arts Council
Artist in Education Roster of Artists, Informations for Schools interested in booking performances and residencies.
The Griots' Circle of Maryland
NHSA Resource Guide

National Resource Guide for Headstart Professionals.

Wolftrap Institute for Early Learning Through the Arts
Roster of artists and information about Wolftrap Institutes workshops and residencies for Early Childhood Learning Centers.
National Association Of Black Storytellers
"The National Association of Black Storytellers, Inc. (NABS) promotes and perpetuates the art of Black storytelling-an art form which embodies the history, heritage, and culture of African Americans. Black storytellers educate and entertain through the Oral Tradition, which depicts and documents the African American experience. A nationally organized body with individual, affiliate and organizational memberships, NABS preserves and passes on the folklore, legends, myths, fables and mores of Africans and their descendants and ancestors "
The Kinderman Match Game

A matching game featuring Kinderman heads with his signature hats and sayings.

My Distributors

The Kinderman Shop

The Official Store for Kindercise Curricullum Products

CD Baby
For the Black Hall of Fame!
Kinderman Store - Teachers Notebook

Teacher's Notebook - a new store for Kindercise cd's and workbooks.

Songs For Teaching
Educational music for teachers and parents. Featuring Kinderman CD's Workbooks and MP3s

Artist Friends


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