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Dear Friends,
As I've entered into my 77th year as the Kinderman, I have been hosting a fan page on Facebook to keep up with 21st century advances. We post photos, videos, and maintain reminders about upcoming public performances there, so we hope you will tell everyone you know to Like at I Am The Kinderman - on Facebook search if the link doesn't work. I hope you are having a flawless spring!

When: October 8, 2011

Choose from two sessions: Morning 10:00-12:00 or Afternoon 1:00-3:00

Where: International Movement Arts Institute Studio – 6254 Soft Shade Way, Columbia Maryland 21045


       Children hunger for adults to interact with them. TV and Toys should not be the only thing used to stimulate your children, or give them a sense of security.  Research has proven that interactive play with children is a successful way to increase self-confidence, feelings of belonging, not only in the family unit, but also in the community at large.  Interactive play also stimulates the brain, so that teachers and children are able to increase imagination and problem solve.  

       The Kindercise In Action workshop introduces participants to a highly interactive and stress reducing experience. An essential part of this arts based training is that participants learn skills [...]
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